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Want to see what Ryan's friends are up to? You have come to the right place.

Brendon McFarland

Bren has many cool projects on the internet, including his Adventures in Odyssey podcast, The Whit's End Podcast. But currently, his internet work includes the Campbell County Message Board! The place to go if you want to discuss pretty much anything! From Adventures in Odyssey, to reviewing books and movies. You name it. So head on over there if you want to be a part of the action, or for more updates on the forum, listen to the Campbell County Podcast.

The Whit's End Podcast

Campbell County Message Board

Campbell County Podcast

Ryan Hoots

Ryan Hoots is Ryan Matlock's gaming/ video making buddy. Together, Ryan and Ryan (yes, it gets confusing) play Minecraft and upload their exploits to Youtube. Both Ryan M. and Ryan H. have separate YouTube channels where they play separately, but on the occasion that they get together to play, it is usually posted on Ryan Hoots' channel. So, if you like Minecraft, or want to hear Ryan H. talk about Linux (he does that too), head on over to his YouTube, or his website!

Ryan H.'s website

Ryan H.'s Youtube

More to come...

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