Meet the Characters

Ryan Matlock

As well as managing and producing the podcast, Ryan also appears as one of the main regulars on the podcast. He mostly appears in the second portion of the podcast as your basic AIO news anchor. Ryan also plays ukulele (just like Eugene!) as well as many other instruments. He also has big plans to work for Focus on the Family when he grows up. He likes to think of the podcast as a way to gain experience in audio production. He is an awesome writer, and is really good at everything he does. He only has two shortcomings. He writes about himself in the third person, and he isn't very humble. But he has a good sense of humor!

Chris Thompson

Even though Ryan is the manager of the podcast (and does all the work), Chris likes to think of the podcast as his, and is very picky about how it is run. Chris also considers himself the biggest Odyssey fan, and is ready to defend his position against anyone who says otherwise. Chris also tends to get off track, meaning he talks about everything possible, making editing work impossible for Ryan. Chris has been on occasion compared in personality to Ethan Daniels, who is the host of the Ceiling Fan Podcast.

Josh and Jill

These two siblings help out with the podcast, and enjoy listening to AIO. However, they are in fact, siblings, and rivalry is to be expected. They are constantly pulling pranks on each other, and they take turns helping out with the news segment of the podcast. Their pranks and shenanigans often get in the way of the podcast though, causing the news section to be filled with one different adventure after another.

On a side note, josh is scared of spiders, and Jill is scared of mice. This often becomes an issue, as both siblings know these facts, and can hold each others phobia's over each other....literally.

Other people that make the podcast possible:

Michael Wilmot

Michael Wilmot is an incredible artist. He has done tons of fan artwork of Adventures in Odyssey scenes, and has even had some of his other designs publicized! He did tons of posters for the upcoming movie, Left Behind, and they got published on the Left Behind Facebook page! This guy is famous!

He also made all artwork that you see for this podcast. The website art, that is Michael! The podcast logo? That is him!

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